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Since 1990, Symcod has specialized in the development of data collection equipment. The mission of the company is:

To develop and market innovative data collection equipment in specialized fields through a network of value added resellers in the software field.

Data collection: equipment and expertise...

Symcod is aware that a company's data collection is more than just a question of installing cables. The hardware must be appropriate, and installed with professionalism on the network level as well as the ergonomic level. It must be reliable, sturdy and affordable.

The application software and the hardware must be transparent so the customer can work most effectively and receive uninterrupted service.

The customer's personnel must be well-trained but a toll-free number is available for support.

For more than twelve years, this global vision driven by the customer's needs has brought worldwide success to Symcod.

The excellence of Symcod products and its commitment to its mission are the best guarantees for customers. Symcod does not develop application software, but pursuing its mission, prefers to work with software resellers and partners. This allows Symcod to enjoy a bigger distribution network, to increase volumes and concentrate its efforts on product improvement: the best recipe for its business partners!

Symcod offers its customers complete data collection hardware solutions (standard and customized products).

Our products in brief

For the shop floor, Symcod offers wall-mount, desktop, wired and wireless terminals: the LBC-02 family of small devices and the TermiCom series XPe and SE/15 industrial computers with graphic screens. The LBC series allow data collection for shopfloor at a low cost, but can also be used for Time & Attendance and even Access Control. If your requests are more oriented into a computer you will find your solution in the TermiCom series.

Symcod also distributes and supports many different kinds of portable terminals to complete the needs of warehouses and shipping/receiving (Worthington portable terminals are one of the brands we carry). Data capture always involves an "input medium". With the technologies known and mastered by Symcod, it is possible to read information on 1D or 2D barcodes and also with embossed technology or with RFID (transponders).

The variety of methods ensures a customized solution for the needs of the customer.


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