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Symcod equipment is used in most manufacturing and distribution industries. Symcod does not develop application software but rather sells its products to companies with IT personnel that activate them.

Having worked with so many computer professionals in implementing our products for so many years, we have expertise in the issues particular to all industrial fields. Following are some examples of where Symcod products are used.

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Food Processing

Humidity/Health standards

Symcod products are installed in food processing plants where health standards against contamination are very strict and severe norms apply to the equipment used. Symcod offers the Termicom-SE industrial computer product line, and the LBC-02/ABS data collection terminals. In the slaughter houses & meat transformation industry, in particular, stainless steel is an imperative and only special materials are accepted for seals, keyboards, bolts, etc.

The design of Symcod's data collection terminal casing and industrial computers is fully compliant with Agriculture Canada standards. Because our products are sealed and suited for harsh environments, you can safely wash them every day.

Textile & Garment

Competitive price and resistance to static electricity discharges

Symcod products are very appreciated in the textile & garment industry. Symcod offers the LBC-02 terminal, Ethernet and RS-422 versions, at very competitive prices so each workstation can have its own terminal.

Employees are identified by slipping a barcode into the terminal slot. The ticket barcodes are used by the software to calculate piecework and bonuses, monitor production in real time and establish precise production standards.

The omnipresent sources of electrical static are a particular hazard of the industry: friction while handling clothes can charge chairs, tables, etc., with static electricity. But Symcod's expertise and installation advice can eliminate any problem with the LBC-02 terminals!

Print Shops

Production tracing by electronic collectors on machines

Print shops are a "job-shop" field type where production is essentially customized and occasionally repetitive (in the case of packaging printing, for example).

The LBC-02 is unbeatable for this kind of work. It monitors the work in progress by inputting work-orders to be processed by application software; it can also measure quantities via a collector installed on the machine. This simplifies the operator's task and eliminates the risk of errors.

Wood Working

Precise comparison of standards versus actual

For customized or standard product line production, automated data collection gives you an accurate and realistic view of production. Often, when work orders are sent to the shop floor in standard minutes established by "time and movement" approaches for example, the production equipment, tools or work methods have changed over the years and the standard times have become outdated.

With the right application software, the LBC-02/IP-422 can compare the standards with the detailed and actual history to point out variances, so action can be taken to increase their credibility and effectiveness for control.


Resistance to electrically conductive dust

There are two kinds of companies in the metal industry: the first manufactures customized products while others manufacture a standard product line. In custom manufacturing, one of the challenges is to establish the cost price, to determine the profitability (and to adjust for future repeated quotations) or even to issue the invoice in the case of labor hour jobs. With terminals of the LBC-02 family controlled by your application software, you can precisely measure the time for each employee operation for each order on each workstation.

A particularity of this industry is the presence of conductive dust. The use of millstones or saws can result in an atmosphere filled with fine black dust containing steel and carbon. A personal computer cannot work under these conditions! With Symcod industrial computers and terminals, there is no problem: they are sealed!

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