LBC-IP Terminal (001-01033B-XXXX)

Version: V6

The Symcod LS6300 is an affordable scanner solution for operation management. Always looking for reliable and economical solution, this model has been specially selected by Symcod for its excellent value for money. Recommended for light industrial operation, it is design without mechanical moving parts which is an asset.

manufactured by Symcod Dust RS-232 USB CE FCC

The DC-Injector providing power through the Ethernet connection to feed Symcod products. The DC-Injector with 8 available ports must be installed between the Ethernet HUB and the Symcod devices.

Industrial Handheld Laser Bar Code Reader with Datalogic's STAR Cordless System™
The PowerScan PM8300 cordless laser scanner offers the richest feature set among Datalogic’s industrial handheld product offerings.

Industrial Corded Handheld Area Imager Bar Code Reader
The PowerScan PD8500 corded reader offers omnidirectional reading of 1D and 2D codes as well as the capability of multiple code reading in a single read. Its high resolution Mega-Pixel imaging sensor is capable of outstanding performance in industrial applications.

Proximity Reader

Ver.: Indala / HID

This reader is offered in external version or directly inside the product. The Proximity reader is perfect to control access. Our access control products provide your customers with easy ways to manage the accessibility of critical places, people, goods and information, both today and in the future.

Dust Ethernet RS-232 USB

This infrared TTL Wand Emulation Barcode Slot Reader is totally sealed and vandal proof. Ideal for time control, security access or attendance control applications with pre-printed forms and scanning cards or badges.

manufactured by Symcod Dust Sealed Splash RS-232 USB

Industrial Corded Handheld Laser Bar Code Reader
The PowerScan PD8300 laser scanner offers state-of-the-art performance in a corded industrial product.

Scanner CCD

Ver.: RS232

The CCD Barcode Scanner is a reliable, low cost bar code reader suitable for a wide range of environments.

The LBC-02 has 4 TTL outputs through the DB-9 female connector. All you need is the OM-LBC option to connect (in AC or DC) one or more external devices such as door locks, motors, bells, lights, etc. One TTL input is also available to detect an open door, for example.

The single port DC-Injector providing power through the Ethernet connection to feed Symcod products.

Individual 110V to 9DC power supply for providing power (240 volt CA also available).

External Buzzer to amplify the sound of the LBC

Protective transparent tape for screen and keyboard. Sold in two rollers, one for the screen and the other for keyboard.

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