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The Neuron-Air is a wireless IOT temperature sensor monitor, long range 900 mhz. Each Neuron-Air Master can communicate with up to 50 Neuron-Air Slave temperature sensors. A maximum of 9 masters can be present on the same site to reach 450 sensors. The maximum distance between a temperature Neuron-Air slave and the master can reach +- 2 km linear feet without obstacle. The temperature sensors are powered by two AA batteries that give it autonomy for more than 5 years (sending the temperature every 10 minutes). With his IP65 waterproof ABS case, the temperature sensor can resist to harsh industrial environments while offering an accuracy of + - .5 degrees Celsius (no calibration required). Several types of interfaces are available such as RS232 / USB HID VCP (Virtual Com Port FTDI) / Ethernet (Intranet or Cloud) / Modbus TCP Slave / Cellular / MQTT. To facilitate your installations, no software configuration is necessary, the addresses and the various parameters are chosen via rotary switches directly on the Neuron-Air. The Neuron-Air Slave temperature sensor can be placed directly in a freezer or in a refrigerator, the long-range radio wave can pass through most metal or stainless-steel walls. No additional hardware, software or subscription is required.

manufactured by Symcod Dust Sealed Splash

Industrial data collection terminal, timestamp, or punch clock, the LBC is your ideal choice for recording data in commercial and industrial environments.

• Time recording
• Monitoring equipment and time for cost accounting
• Inventory tracking
• Access control
• Device control


manufactured by Symcod Dust Ethernet WIFI AS/400 Unix Windows Linux CE FCC

This weather resistant data collection terminal is made for outside use. Available communication are Ethernet 10BaseT (TCP/IP) or RS-422M. Data capture can be made in different ways: by the metallic keyboard, the bar code slot reader or any other external unit "Wand Emulation" type.

Dust Sealed Splash Vandal Ethernet AS/400 Unix Windows Linux

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