LBC Data acquisition Terminals

Industrial data collection terminal, timestamp, or punch clock, the LBC is your ideal choice for recording data in commercial and industrial environments.

• Time recording
• Monitoring equipment and time for cost accounting
• Inventory tracking
• Access control
• Device control


manufactured by Symcod Dust Ethernet WIFI AS/400 Unix Windows Linux CE FCC

This weather resistant data collection terminal is made for outside use. Available communication are Ethernet 10BaseT (TCP/IP) or RS-422M. Data capture can be made in different ways: by the metallic keyboard, the bar code slot reader or any other external unit "Wand Emulation" type.

Dust Sealed Splash Vandal Ethernet AS/400 Unix Windows Linux

The LBC-4X is an online data collection terminal made for harsh environment. Made in stainless steel, the LBC-4X can be installed indoor or outdoor. It can be wash down which facilitate the cleaning where the norms of hygiene demand a severe cleaning.

manufactured by Symcod Dust Sealed Splash Ethernet WIFI AS/400 Unix Windows Linux

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