LBC-IP Terminal (001-01033B-XXXX)

Version: V6

Easy to install, simply connect the unit to the appropriate communication/power module and it's ready to use. You can connect an entire network of LBC-IP's to existing management software in a minimum of time using Symcod's free libraries. The LBC-IP offers several operating modes to meet your needs. You can use our libraries or use the terminal in TELNET: VT-100 emulation mode. Integration is quick and straightforward. Several programming examples are available.

Application examples:
Time clock: The time clocks record the start and end of different work tasks. On a production line, time clocks are very useful to know your production costs.
Data collection terminal: For example, to collect data from different sources in a factory. From occupancy sensors, metres, or barcode input or by manually using the membrane keypad.
Timestamp: The clock records the time and date. For example, to record your employees' working hours. Directly connected to your accounting system, the process becomes completely automated.
Access control: The LBC-IP can manage secured access to specific sections or departments of your facilities. An individual is identified by a card recognized by the system to allow a certain access.
Production monitoring: Knowing the beginning and end time of certain stages of production in a plant can be used to measure performance. The performance of a production process is what gives you a competitive edge in today's market.
Time management: Time management, for example in a service company, is a key to profitability. It is essential to know the time spent for a client service in order to bill them appropriately. Using our equipment for time management minimizes the risk of losing money by forgetting to bill a client.
Door control: This data collection terminal has interfaces to control the opening of doors. We can thus authenticate an individual and, for example, open the door to give them access to a room, using a single piece of equipment.
Inventory management: Using an external reader with the LBC, such as a laser gun, you can monitor the material used for a work order.

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• Ethernet 100BASE T, TCP/IP (Windows, AS/400, Linux, Unix, etc.) Optional VPN cellular 3G or WiFi .
• Works with all operating systems (Windows, AS/400, Linux, Unix, VT-100, etc.)
• Storage memory up to 4227 transactions, battery-protected backup
• Backlit LCD, 2-lines by 40 characters
• 4 outputs and 2 inputs, TTL type, for the control of various external devices
• Possibility of internal reader: barcode, proximity (HID, Indala, Paradox, Kantech, HF ISO15693)
• Possibility of external reader: laser gun, fingerprint reader
• Stainless steel bracket for wall mount or desktop use
• A good alternative to Linx data terminals devices

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