LBC-WG (001-01301)

Version: V1

The LBC-WG is the most affordable terminal for large and medium installations (24 to 2208). To operate the LBC-WG needs a concentrator WG also manufactured by Symcod. Data can be entered via the membrane alphanumerical keyboard, the barcode slot reader or any other external device in "Wand Emulation" mode. Validation messages and acknowledgments appear on a 2 lines by 40 characters LCD screen. There are 2 TTL outputs and 1 TTL input to control various external devices.


This kind of communication architecture is extremely stable and ultra fast. To facilitate the integration, Symcod offer a free of charge library that can support a maximum of 92 concentrators. This library can quickly detect any type of errors and source. Free programming example are available (Visual Basic).

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