Version: ST

The Neuron-Air is a wireless IOT temperature sensor monitor, long range 900 mhz. Each Neuron-Air Master can communicate with up to 50 Neuron-Air Slave temperature sensors. A maximum of 9 masters can be present on the same site to reach 450 sensors. The maximum distance between a temperature Neuron-Air slave and the master can reach +- 2 km linear feet without obstacle. The temperature sensors are powered by two AA batteries that give it autonomy for more than 5 years (sending the temperature every 10 minutes). With his IP65 waterproof ABS case, the temperature sensor can resist to harsh industrial environments while offering an accuracy of + - .5 degrees Celsius (no calibration required). Several types of interfaces are available such as RS232 / USB HID VCP (Virtual Com Port FTDI) / Ethernet (Intranet or Cloud) / Modbus TCP Slave / Cellular / MQTT. To facilitate your installations, no software configuration is necessary, the addresses and the various parameters are chosen via rotary switches directly on the Neuron-Air. The Neuron-Air Slave temperature sensor can be placed directly in a freezer or in a refrigerator, the long-range radio wave can pass through most metal or stainless-steel walls. No additional hardware, software or subscription is required.



  • Modbus TCP compatible with most SCADA / HMI software (temperature monitoring with alarms).
  • Distance between a slave and the master can reach +- 2 km linear feet without obstacle.
  • Compatible with the MQTT protocol.
  • Compatible with Domoticz open source home automation system.


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