Terminal LBC-XE (001-016XX)

Version: V3 V4 V5

This weather resistant data collection terminal is made for outside use. Available communication are Ethernet 10BaseT (TCP/IP) or RS-422M. Data capture can be made in different ways: by the metallic keyboard, the bar code slot reader or any other external unit "Wand Emulation" type. An electroluminescent LCD screen can display validation, messages or confirmation on 2 lines by 40 characters. The LBC-XE come with a polarize sunscreen to be able to read on sunny day and also have a heater with thermostat. You can also choose a 4 Opto-Modules option that act as a relay to control doors or gates. Even if we have used a shock resistant stainless steel casing it still remains attractive.


Several operation methods are offered on the LBC-XE to fit your needs. You can use our library (free) or submit your request to the terminal directly. In each case, a simple command allows to maximize terminal use. The LBC-XE can work with almost any operating system (Windows, AS/400, Linux, Unix...) with minor integration delay. A lot of programming examples are available; ask our specialists.

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