HM-02N Digital Clock (010-01030B-XXXX)

Version: V3 V4

The HM-02N is the solution if you want to display time in enterprise and to synchronize (by broadcast) all terminals LBC-02 and/or with the server (Windows, AS/400, Linux, Unix...). The 4" digits height red colour can be readily visible up to two hundred feet. Can also become a meter (increment) with a dry contact relay such as a switch. Other possibilities such as display machines numbers, machines speed, percentage (%), performances, production status, rejected material number, etc. If needed,  use only the two left and two right digits on the display (deactivate the two center digits) to allow the comparisons like different information on the display.


In clock mode, the HM-02N can display exact time (hour) with minutes and seconds or hours and minutes only. The clock can be synchronized with the server via a simple command. In display mode, you can program up to 6 digits via a simple command. Available in Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-422M or RS-232. A sealed model is also offered for harsh environments. The stainless steel casing (24 7/8" X 3" X 9 5/8") of the HM-02N has a yellow membrane. An internal relay may be used to connect a bell or other peripherals that can be activated from a distance via a simple command.

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