BRIDGE IP (020-01090B-XXXX)

Version: V3 / V4

The Bridge/IP is a bridge between Ethernet (100 BaseT) TCP/IP network and a RS-232 serial port. It allows your application(Windows, AS/400, Linux, Unix...) to see a RS-232 serial device over your Ethernet network as if it was connected directly to your local serial port on your computer. There are two integrated dry contacts (relays) in the Bridge/IP to turn on/off lights, bells or machines... according to the application and a TTL input (maximum of 500 pulses per second) is available to detect, for example, if a door is opened. Briefly, this Bridge/IP will help to control several peripherals over your standard Ethernet network. The Bridge/IP does not have to be connected to an Ethernet network to control its 2 relays and the TTL input. You can use it as a RS-232 serial switch simply by connecting the Bridge/IP to the PC via the serial port.


You can either use the free Virtual Serial Ports driver software or communicate directly to the bridge. By using the Virtual Serial Ports driver software, you can define a virtual port (RS-232 COMx) for each Bridge/IP. The Bridge/IP is used with an individual power supply or with our DC-Injector (16 ports) that provides Power Over Ethernet (PoE).

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