TermiCom XR 15" and 19"

Version: XPe / X7 / XR

In addition to the touch screen, multiple input and output ports are available to facilitate adding devices such as industrial keyboards, barcode readers or other units.

Reasons to use a Symcod TermiCom:
• Reliability: reduces costly production or service downtime
• Durability: computer designed with industrial strength parts resistant to heat and cold, for long years of intensive us
• Longevity: parts chosen for the length of their useful life, possibility of repairing damaged units over many years

Built to last, this robust industrial computer can be used in harsh environments or in locations where it will experience heavy use.

For example:
• Wood industry
• Machine shops
• Medical clinics
• Cafeterias
• Mining
• Information booths

Equipped with a Windows 7 Embedded operating system, it can be easily integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in manufacturing or business management.


• Colour LCD TFT 15" or 19" resistive touch screen
• Intel Atom 2.24 GHz processor
• Protective fan that maintains normal operating temperature of internal computer components. This safety device starts only on detection of an abnormally high temperature.
• Internal recovery disk that restores original system image.

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