SKT Silicone keyboard with mouse (Rigid Case) (008-01820B)

Version: V2

This silicone keyboard with integrated mouse is the first choice for environments that require washable keyboards. The rigid surface of the keyboard offers to the user the best tactile feedback feeling, which is similar to a regular keyboard of personal computer. SKT Keyboard is a 100% compatible to a standard keyboard and does not require any special driver. SKT keyboard as 102 keys and a "QWERTY" (or "AZERTY") type configuration. A single type « A » USB connector supports the keyboard and the mouse devices.


Ideal for hospitals, laboratories, at nursing stations, on medical carts or anywhere cleanliness and reliability are of outmost concern. This Keyboard PC products provide relief to the high cost of patient infection and cross contamination. With this innovative line of infection resistant PC accessories, infection control is finally at your fingertips.


  $103.00 USD/CAD

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