Flic Laser Portable

Version: V1

AVAILABLE FOR THE CANADA ONLY, the Flic laser bar code scanner is versatile, simple to use and extremely affordable... laser scanner performance at the price of a wand! Flic’s flexibility makes it ideal for a wide range of data collection applications. For portable applications such as asset tracking, the Flic scanner can store up to 500 bar codes UPC in memory that can be easily downloaded for processing. Available in RS-232, USB or Cordless Bluetooth.


For time and attendance applications, each Flic can be associated with its user through an optional programmable identifier. No need for logins, just plug in your Flic and you are identified. The Flic scanner even comes with a EXCLUSIVE SYMCOD LIBRARY for easy integration ! When used with SYMCOD LIBRARY the scanner Flic will connect and upload automatically when plugged into a host. Timestamp capability allows for sorting or filtering scans based on time and many users to scan into a single computer. Can work TCPIP with the BRIDGE IP Symcod product.

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