Resellers services

Following are some details on these complete services for resellers:

Technical Evaluation
This service may help you make decisions before buying Symcod products or before implementing hardware; it is offered when a technical verification is necessary to determine the best way to use Symcod products. In some cases, a Symcod representative (authorized reseller or Symcod rep.) will visit the customer's site with the appropriate equipment, check the hardware and make recommendations.

The Evaluation Service can also be offered at Symcod offices in cases that can be reproduced in the laboratory. This Evaluation Service offers the best chance of success to everyone in the project so they can proceed with full knowledge of the facts.

Hardware Implementation Support
For a new reseller's first installation and for training purposes, Symcod team is available to remotely assist reseller on equipment installation and connection.
On request, Symcod personnel may assist reseller's team on the first system implementation to improve chances of initial success.
* Symcod will not do on site physical equipment installation.

Software Integration Support
Sometimes the customer does not have all the knowledge required to integrate their application software with the Symcod hardware libraries. In that case, a Symcod integration engineer offers his assistance to complement the skills of the customer's employees.

Our highly appreciated Software Integration Support can reduce development delays and guarantees optimum efficiency of the whole system.

The Training Service is offered to resellers to help them master the integration, application and operating maintenance of Symcod equipment. The training takes place at a session with the reseller before the first implementation and is based on a list of pre-established discussion topics. The training can be given either individually or as a group (several reseller representatives together) at Symcod office or on the customer's premises if requested. The training will be sure to point you in the right direction!

Operating Support
Operating Support is offered to assist the reseller to restart inoperable equipment or systems or to diagnose a failure.

Usually, the reseller receives a call from his customer concerning a system problem and makes a diagnosis. If the problem seems to be Symcod equipment but is difficult to define, the reseller calls the Symcod support team to identify the problem and to determine what actions to take to restart the system quickly!

Repair Workshop
Repair Workshop Service is offered for all equipment sold by Symcod. A simple call, a RMA number, a shipment: 1-2-3 and you are on the way back to normal!

Customized Engineering
The Customized Engineering Service is different from the Evaluation Service because it involves an R&D project to explore new technologies according to the customer's needs.

Marketing Partnership
Symcod collaborates and works with the resellers even before sales. Each Symcod reseller has the opportunity to organize sales seminars at Symcod offices or anywhere in the province.

Symcod has a multimedia showroom in Victoriaville to comfortably accommodate about twelve guests for full-screen demonstrations of the reseller's software offerings. This showroom is specially equipped so each guest can use Symcod equipment in interaction with the reseller's software.

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